Session Vocals

Male vocals (Full package) Lead vocals, Backing vocals, Vocal Harmonies, compressed and uncompressed stems with and without FX. A wide vocal range and tone for, Rock, County, AOR and Songwriters. All recordings are produced in my own studio, using professional equipment with a variation of high quality microphones. A full list is in the Studio Facilities link.

Vocal Coaching

No matter what your singing style or range is, getting the basic vocal chords in tip-top shape is the place to start. At home or on-the-go, my coaching technique will teach and reinforce the foundations, then takes you step-by-step to make you the most flexible communicator you can be. I believe every person has a unique voice but, many do not know how to find it's true potential, I can help you find that! I will also cover performing live, studio recording and help you take those song ideas you have? To a fully mastered production. A full list is in the Studio Facilities link.

Songwriting & Lyrics

Writing a song with unforgettable melodies and creative lyrics can be challenging. Even the most experienced songwriters go through writer's block at some point in their career, and there are many different approaches to songwriting. As well as being a professional musician and music producer, I have an MA with distinction in songwriting and can help guide you on your quest to find your true potential as a songwriter. If you have any song ideas that you need to enhance through professional guidance, I am happy to review your efforts for free! when you sign up for lessons in either vocal coaching or songwriting assistance.

Music Production

Music production is the process of developing, creating and refining recorded music for public presentation. Music production can refer to the entire lifecycle of a piece of music—from songwriting and composition to recording and sound design to mixing and mastering. If you need assistance with producing your music, please contact me for help or advice.

Film & Media Music

I have always had an intrinsic love of music & visuals in a combined creative form, after writing and producing music for "The Gnostic" and the "Roman Road". I am currently involved in the development of two new film/TV projects that I have written the music for. The concepts include the fusion of visuals, creative music sound scopes and songs. If you would like an original music score for your film, TV or media project, please get in touch and, with a short brief of what is required, we will present some original music samples. Music references can be accessed on the New Project links.

Mastering Online

Simply send us your mixes and we will master them to a commercial standard. Using a combination of annaloge hardware and state of the art computer plug-ins, we will deliver your tracks with a smooth EQ polish and compression that it deserves.

Our mastering service couldn’t be simpler:

1. You send us your tracks. We recommend using

2. We'll master them ASAP

3. We'll digitally deliver the masters back to you.

As standard we deliver masters as WAV and MP3 files. Prices start at just £20 per song. To discuss your specific project in more detail please call or email me.

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