Merv Spence

Firestarter / Musicmaker/ Composer/ Producer

Merv Spence is an Irish musician, composer, music/media producer and contemporary music educator, best known for his work as the bass player & lead vocalist with rock bands Wishbone Ash, Trapeze, Phenomena Project, as well as his solo endeavours. With over thirty-five years of professional experience in various aspects of the entertainment sector, he relocated back to his native Ireland in 2016, where he now resides. He obtained a Master's Degree with Distinction from Bath Spa University in 2019 and, continues to pursue his academic studies with a planned PhD. Despite the massive disruption and uncertainty to the creative industries with COVID 19 in 2020/21, he continues to be optimistic and passionate about the conception and development of numerous new music & media innovations in 2022.


Musician / Voice / Songwriting /Production

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