Musicmaker/ Composer/ Producer

Coast N. Ireland

Visuals by David Doyle / Music Composed & Produced by Merv Spence

Merv Spence

Musicmaker/ Composer/ Producer

Merv Spence is an Irish musician, composer & music/media producer, best known for his work as the bass player & lead vocalist with rock bands Wishbone Ash, Trapeze, Phenomena Project, as well as his solo endeavours. With over thirty-five years of professional experience in various aspects of the entertainment sector, he relocated back to his native Ireland in 2016, where he now resides. He obtained a Masters Degree with Distinction from Bath Spa University in 2019 and, continues to pursue his academic studies with a planned PhD.

Despite the massive disruption and uncertainty to the creative industries with COVID 19 in 2020, he continues to be optimistic and passionate about the conception and development of numerous new music & media innovations for 2021. Projects will include the remastering & reissue of his solo albums, "Something Strong" & "Initiate" with the release of new creative works in music, film & TV. Additional pages of services and project developments are currently being prepared and, will be added when completed.

Solo Albums Music Samples

Tracks: 1, 3, 5 & 6 Written, Performed & Produced by M Spence

Tracks: 2 & 4 Performed & Produced by M Spence

All of my back catalogue and scheduled new 2021 single/album releases, will be available online @ all digital platforms.

Remastered & rebranded under his own name. "Something Strong" was originally released in 1993 under the synonym O'Ryan.

Remastered & rebranded under his own name. "Initiate" was originally released in 1996 under the synonym O'Ryan.

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